What are searches and why do I need them?

Property searches help to protect you from surprises - they provide you with information which may affect your decision to buy the property or the amount you want to pay for the property. If you are buying with a mortgage, your mortgage lender will insist on searches being carried out as a condition of providing the mortgage.

I am a cash buyer. Do I need to have searches?

It is not compulsory to have searches if you are a cash buyer but we would always recommend that you have them completed because searches may reveal information that affects your offer or your decision to buy the property. 

What is a local search?

This consists of numerous enquiries made to the local authority. It covers items such as planning permissions relating to your property, road proposals, public footpaths and monies owing to the local authority. Often nothing adverse is found but it could reveal information which may affect the market value of your property and any mortgage lender will require a clear search prior to completion.

What is a drainage search?

A search is made of the water authority in order to find out whether the drains and sewerage systems are connected to the property and the main drainage and sewerage system.

What is a mining search?

Where your property is situated within a mining area you and your mortgage lender will need to be sure that there are no past mining activities which could affect the market value of your property. A search is therefore carried out. If a mine shaft is revealed then an interpretive report can be obtained to give details as to whether the mine shaft has been treated.

What is a chancel search?

This is a search which reveals whether the property is affected by chancel repair liability, which is a payment due to the Church of England for the repair of their Churches.

What is a Land Registry Search?

This is made to ensure no further mortgages are registered against the property by the current owner.

What is a bankruptcy search?

A search that a mortgage lender requires us to make before completing your mortgage to prove that you are not bankrupt.

What is a company search?

This is a search of the Companies Register when you are purchasing from a limited company, e.g. a builder to ensure that the company exists and is properly trading.

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