Remortgaging a Residential Property

When you pay off your mortgage on your existing property and take out a new one from another lender.

Examples why someone would remortgage their property:-

  1.   Your existing mortgage deal is coming to an end.
  2.   Switch from a fixed rate mortgage to an interest only mortgage.
  3.   Just want to find a better deal than you are already on.
  4.   You want to borrow more money.
  5.   Separating from your partner
Remortgaging a Residential Property


What are the time scales for remortgaging my residential property?

A remortgage usually completes in 4-6 weeks but this can vary.

What are the typical stages of Remortgaging a Residential Property?

  1. We will take your instructions and provide initial advice to you
  2. Request Redemption Statement(s) from your Lender(s)
  3. Obtain and review Land Registry documents
  4. For Leasehold properties, we will check provisions contained in the lease
  5. We will review the mortgage offer and report our advice to you
  6. Request final redemption statement(s) from existing Lender(s)
  7. Request the mortgage advance from your new Lender
  8. Deal with Registration of the new mortgage

How much will it cost for Remortgaging a Residential Property?

To obtain costs information specific to your transaction, please call us and we can provide this instantly.

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Remortgaging a Residential Property

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Remortgaging a Residential Property

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