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Medical negligence covers a wide spectrum of clinical errors, misdiagnoses and neglect in nursing homes or other clinical practices. When medical negligence results in a worsening of health outcomes that could have otherwise been avoided, claiming compensation is possible.

Waldrons Solicitors provide medical negligence law services in Worcester and the West Midlands area. Our expert team of highly experienced lawyers have years of experience in medical and clinical negligence.

We understand that medical negligence can have potentially disastrous or life-changing consequences. Errors during surgery, misdiagnosis or late diagnosis of debilitating illnesses and neglect in nursing homes are common throughout the UK. We will work with you to tackle your medical negligence claims, working out the best path forward towards a favourable resolution.

Waldrons Solicitors have a wealth of practical experience in clinical negligence and a deep understanding of the law surrounding it. Our compassionate team combines knowledge in law with attentiveness, kindness and respect.

What is Medical Negligence?

In its most simple form, medical negligence is any preventable medical act, mistake or error that causes injury, a worsening of a condition or the development of a new condition. There are many forms of medical negligence including negligence during childbirth, e.g. failure to check a child’s heart and oxygen levels, mistakes during surgery, failure during anaesthesia or prescribing the wrong medication.

Medical negligence can occur at the hospital, in GP or dental surgeries, nursing homes or any other clinical setting, either NHS or private. Medical negligence can lead to potentially life-changing consequences, and whilst we expect medical professionals to uphold a high level of care, this may fall by the wayside. In many medical negligence claims, the ‘honesty’ of the mistake is not always a sufficient defence.

We will work with you to establish the details of your incident, liaising with healthcare professionals to discover what could have been done to circumvent negative health outcomes.

Types of Medical Negligence

Cancer Misdiagnosis

Effective cancer treatment hinges around the diagnosis itself. A timely diagnosis combined with quick treatment provides the best outcomes for treating a wide range of cancers.

If you feel your cancer was misdiagnosed, or that your GP failed to provide reasonable diagnostic tests to discover your cancer, we can assist you in making a cancer misdiagnosis negligence claim. Any unreasonable delay in diagnosing cancer or providing treatment can result in rapidly diminishing healthcare outcomes.


Types of Medical Negligence

Birth Injury

We can help you if you believe your child was injured or harmed during childbirth where it was otherwise possible to avoid that injury had the correct course of action been taken.

Cerebral palsy, broken bones and stillbirth can all result from medical negligence where doctors or other healthcare professionals failed to provide adequate care for you and your baby. Birth injury applies to both the baby and the mother, for example, if C-section wounds are not properly treated leading to infection.

Types of Medical Negligence

Surgery Compensation

Errors during surgery are startlingly common. Medical instruments may be left inside the body, including tools, swabs and other medical debris. Surgery may be performed on the wrong limb and accidental nerve tissue or blood vessels could be severed. Failure to provide adequate or appropriate anaesthesia is another example of surgical negligence.

We will work with healthcare specialists to establish what went wrong during your surgery, establishing whether or not the correct procedures were followed.

Choosing a Medical Negligence Solicitor in Worcester

Waldrons Solicitors are highly experienced in all manner of medical and clinical negligence cases. We operate in and around the Worcester and West Midlands area. Our team of lawyers have worked on numerous medical negligence cases and will assist you in claiming compensation.

Combining professionalism with a deep technical understanding of the law surrounding clinical negligence is essential, Waldrons Solicitors are both kind, attentive and highly competent.

We will liaise with the healthcare professionals and specialists involved in your medical negligence case and have considerable experience in working with local healthcare trusts and authorities.

Waldrons Solicitors are accredited for our work in clinical negligence by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We also ranked in Chambers 2021, a law ranking authority that features top law firms from across the UK.

Waldrons are a first-class choice for medical negligence insurance in Worcester and West Midlands. We can assist you in any and all medical negligence cases.

Please do not hesitate but to contact us if you have any additional queries. A member of our team of highly experienced lawyers will be in touch with you as soon as we can.

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