Personal Injury in Worcester

Waldrons Solicitors can assist you in any and all personal injury claims in Worcester and the West Midlands area. Personal injuries cover a wide range of accidents and incidents where someone else acted negligently and failed in their duty of care. 

Road and workplace accidents are amongst the most widespread and common personal injury claims made in the UK. 

A personal injury compensation claim can provide a financial lifeline throughout the course of your treatment and rehabilitation, supporting people whilst they are unable to work or go about their daily lives.  

Personal Injury Solicitors in Worcester

Waldrons Solicitors’ highly-experienced and dedicated team of personal injury lawyers can assist in any and all personal injury cases in the Worcester and West Midlands.

We have tremendous expertise in all types of personal injury claims. From smaller accidents to more serious, debilitating accidents-causing-injury, we will assist you in the claims process, working towards the best possible outcome in your unique circumstances. 

Personal injury compensation is claimable for a wide selection of incidents or accidents. Most people are surprised by what they can claim for and how much they can get. 

What Personal Injuries or Accidents Can I Claim Against?

Personal injury claims most commonly cover workplace and road accidents, but any accident may qualify you for compensation if it involves someone else’s negligence. 

You may be able to make personal injury claims for accidents that happened in public or on commercial or private property. Waldrons are adept in all forms of personal injury claims, no matter the location or severity of the accident. 


Workplaces are often potentially hazardous, but your employer has a duty of care to you. If your employer fails to uphold their duty of care and negligence causes you to be injured, you may be entitled to make a workplace compensation claim. This can support you if you need to make a recovery or are unable to work. Larger compensation claims can be made for serious incidents that cause long term or permanent injury. 


Road accidents are one of the major causes of personal injury involving negligence. Where a road accident causes harm or injury and is wholly or even partly someone else’s fault, you may be able to claim compensation. This applies to both the driver and passengers of any vehicle. 

Slip and Trip

Any accident that involves injury via falling or tripping is called a ‘slip and trip’ accident. Slip and trip hazards include poorly cleaned floors, uneven paving and other potentially hazardous and untraversable flooring. Slip and trip accidents that involve negligence may qualify you for compensation. 

Am I Entitled to Make a Personal Injury Claim?

So long as the following 3 key criteria are met, you can make a personal injury claim:

·       The accident or incident happened in the last 3 years

·       Someone owed you a legal duty of care

·       Someone else was negligent in actions that directly or indirectly caused or contributed to your injury 

Choosing a Personal Injury Solicitor in Worcester 

Waldrons Solicitors operate across Worcester and the West Midlands area. We are an accredited law firm that featured in Chambers 2021, a law publication that features exceptional law firms from across the UK.

We have exceptional expertise in dealing with any and all types of personal injury claims and level of severity. We will work with you to establish key information about your accident and injuries before assisting you in your claim for compensation. 

Waldrons have considerable experience in personal injury accidents in Worcester and across the West Midlands area. Please feel free to contact us and one of our lawyers will be in contact as quickly as possible. 

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