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The complexities of family law mirror the complexities of family relationships.

Relationship breakdowns, divorce and other forms of separation can be deeply challenging for all parties, especially when children are involved.

Reconciling sensitive relationship issues and disputes can be extremely distressing and emotionally enduring. Waldrons Solicitors will work tirelessly to assist you, paying rigorous attention to your unique circumstances and the details of your case.

We will always act to resolve issues in a calm and conciliatory manner, using mediation and negotiations to settle disputes outside of court.

Where mediation and negotiations fail to resolve issues in family law, Waldrons Solicitors are also fully prepared to advise and represent you throughout a court process.


Family Law Services

We combine empathy and compassion with exceptional listening skills and a complete understanding of all family law.

Our highly experienced and qualified lawyers will work with you to understand your unique personal and familial circumstances before plotting the best path forward.

Family law has a wide remit, covering divorce, separation, child arrangements, child abduction, adoption, domestic violence, Grandparents’ rights, financial settlements and international family law.

Waldrons Solicitors draw from both a wealth of practical experience and an in-depth technical understanding of family law. We understand family law in a modern context.

Family issues and disputes are best settled through out of court processes such as Mediation and Dispute Resolution. Mediation and Dispute Resolution (DR) aim to resolve disputes and settle issues out-of-court. Mediation and Dispute Resolution usually causes less friction between the involved parties whilst also saving on court costs, delays and gruelling waits for the case to progress.

Waldrons Solicitors are exceptionally well-versed in the process of Dispute Resolution and will always work with you to facilitate discussions, diffuse conflict and support favourable mutual agreements.

Where a dispute or other family issue is not solvable via Mediation or Dispute Resolution, we are equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to advise, guide and represent you through court.

Our experience extends to private hearings where parties are able to manage the court process in accordance with their own timetable in a less strenuous but equally legally binding environment.



Our team of family law lawyers can assist you with your divorce and the divorce process. We are exceptionally well-versed in divorce and the various issues that can arise during the divorce process including dividing assets and child arrangements.

We can assist you with completing an online divorce application, guiding you through to the Final Order that legally ends your marriage.

Waldrons Solicitors combine a sensitive ear with an in-depth knowledge of divorce. We can mediate disputes and represent you in court if agreements cannot be made.

Our divorce expertise extends to judicial separation, civil partnership dissolution and separation for unmarried couples.


Financial Matters

The division of marital assets can be a tricky issue to resolve when tensions are high during a divorce. Our team of experienced family lawyers are here to help you through it.

Our practiced family law lawyers can guide you through the division of assets when it comes to financial matters. We will help you to ensure that a fair financial settlement is reached and seek the best outcome for you.


Children Matters

Coming to agreements on child arrangements (as they are now known), support and other parental rights is one of the most emotionally difficult elements of many divorces and separations, especially when a natural agreement cannot be reached.

We have a complete understanding of the Child Arrangement Orders that govern where a child lives (formerly known as ‘residence’) and who they spend time with (also known as ‘contact’). We can also advise on child relocation, schooling, parental rights for unmarried couples and grandparents rights.

With professionalism, clarity and compassion, we will assist you in safely negotiating the troubled waters of child arrangements and other parental rights.


Non-Molestation Orders

Taking the first steps to ensure your safety when experiencing domestic abuse can be overwhelming and daunting. Our team of experienced family law lawyers will be on hand to provide a sympathetic and sensitive approach at all times.

We can help you to take urgent action in securing your safety and actively assist you in protecting yourself with the help of the law.

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