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When Social Services become involved with your family, we can help you through this stressful and worrying time.  It is very important to be able to have representation at such a difficult time and to make your voice heard.  We have to work best for you and we will help you in keeping your children in your care.

We can provide help and legal aid to you whether you have been invited to a pre-proceedings meeting or to Court.

Care proceedings can come to the Court very quickly and do require action immediate action.  We are able to respond to your matter at short notice and we are experienced in dealing with urgent Court hearings.


Services we offer:

  • provide advice in any Children Law proceedings and if social services are threatening proceedings.
  • represent you at Court free of charge under Legal Aid – parents generally eligible
  • attend meetings with you to provide legal advice and support
  • help you to get contact with children
  • oppose plans to remove children from your care
  • contest allegations of harm
Social Services


I have been contacted by Social Services, what should I do?

Social Services generally becomes involved with families in stages and we can usually help you. It is important to take legal advice at an early stage, as it could help to avoid matters escalating.


You may have been asked to sign a s.20 agreement to allow the Local Authority to place your child in foster care with your consent. We can advise you about the implications of this and more information can be found by clicking here


  • We will assess you for Legal Aid – those on certain benefits qualify automatically; others are means-tested
  • We will provide legal advice and can attend meetings with you

I have received a letter from the local authority saying that it is considering court proceedings, what should I do?

We will contact you to make an appointment and assess you for Legal Aid, which is available for all parents regardless of income.


We will provide legal advice and can attend meetings with you (including PLO or pre-proceedings meetings).

I have received notification from the local authority that it has started care proceedings about my child, what should I do?

  • We will make an appointment with you and assess you for Legal Aid. which is available for all parents regardless of income
  • We will notify the Local Authority that we are representing you
  • We will provide legal advice and attend Court to represent you

Why act now regarding Social Services?

If you receive a letter from Social Services advising you to seek legal advice, or if you receive a letter entitled “Letter Before Proceedings”, contact us without delay. We are Children Panel accredited solicitors, which means we are properly trained to deal with all legal matters relating to children.

Do I have to pay for a Solicitor regarding Social Services?

Not usually. Legal Aid is generally available to parents throughout Court proceedings regardless of income.

What are care proceedings?

Click here for further information

What is the care proceedings process?

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How to apply for legal aid?

We will make the legal aid application and will guide you through the process.  If you require more information please click here for further details.

What are my rights against Social Services?

A social worker may say that they want to take your children from you.  They cannot do this unless you either agree or they apply to Court and get an Order from the Court.  The Court will only authorise a child being removed where there is a risk of harm.

The Police are able to remove children for up to periods of 72 hours only.

During the court proceedings assessments will be completed to make sure that the final plan for your child is the right one.

A social worker can ask you to sign a section 20 agreement which is voluntary.

If your child is removed from your care, then the local authority have a duty to arrange a reasonable level of contact for you.

Why choose Waldrons?

Flexibility We are available for urgent hearings at Court and remotely if required.
Expertise Our team has members of the Law Society Children Panel and Resolution. We are specialists in Children Law.
Established We have a good reputation for delivering Children Law advice.
Legal Aid This is generally available to all parents. We will guide you through the application process.
Location We cover hearings throughout the Midlands and occasionally further afield.
Communication The team is contactable by mobile phone, email, WhatsApp and text.
Social Services

Accreditations and Affiliations

Any solicitor can say they are experienced in what they do. We go the extra mile to demonstrate our expertise. Many of our specialists have undertaken independent assessments of their knowledge and skills. Our accreditations give you the assurance that you are dealing with a specialist.

Social Services

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