Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation

We specialise in resolving disputes, whether that means negotiating with the other side or asking the courts to decide who is right.  We will always try to avoid court wherever possible to keep the situation as stress-free and cost-effective as possible.

Commercial Litigation disputes can be time consuming and potentially expensive to deal with and can detract from running your business.   Our aim is to assist you to resolve disputes quickly to minimise the negative impact on your business.

Disagreements can arise for a variety of reasons and we have listed some of the most common issues below:

  • Commercial Landlord and Tenant
  • Contentious Employment
  • Continuing Healthcare Funding
  • Disputed Wills & Probate
  • Professional Negligence

Commercial Litigation generally involves two or more companies who are in dispute over any issue and it has reached the stage where the parties cannot reach agreement between themselves. At that stage legal advice/action may need to be taken to resolve the issue.

Dispute Resolution


Contract Disputes

We understand that disputes can adversely effect your business and can have a financial impact moving forward. We can assist with negotiations to avoid any further disruption to the work place.

Insurance Disputes

It can be easy to get into lengthy arguments and disputes with insurance companies regarding the terms of insurance policies and we can look at the terms and try to reach an agreement which will benefit you and your company.

Professional Negligence

Most of us will need to take professional advice on something throughout our lives and when that advice is wrong, it can have devastating consequences. We recognise that not only individuals receive advice, but also companies. Our specialist team can access your claim and advise you of your next steps.

Managing relationships with third parties

Disputes can arise between third party suppliers, agents, purchasers, customers and advisers and we can try and resolve these disputes with the company’s best interests at the heart of negotiations.

Recovery of money and protecting your financial position

Debts can adversely affect your cash flow and cause business uncertainty. If you have disputes relating to payment, our team can assist you.

Property Disputes

We can assist with disputes relating to Commercial premises and Residential properties.

How can litigation solicitors help you?

As litigation solicitors, we always aim to take a commercially focused and driven approach in order to resolve a dispute in a peaceful and pragmatic manner.  We consider appropriate methods of alternative dispute resolution where appropriate with the aim to keep litigation costs to a minimum.


At this stage, we’ll provide an estimate of the likely costs and discuss any appropriate funding options that might be available, such as ‘after the event’ (ATE) insurance cover.


In cases where litigation appears to be the only way moving forwards, our team of litigation solicitors are experienced in issuing and defending cases in the courts, including the High Courts.


We provide recommendations in the early steps of your matter on a fixed-fee basis and guide you throughout the litigation process from the outset to the end.

How long do I have to make a Civil Claim? Is there a time limit?

With civil claims there are fixed periods of time during which formal civil proceedings must be started.  This is known as a limitation period.  The limitation period depends on the type of the claim you are making:-


  • Claims in relation to a contract: 6 years
  • Claims in relation to debt arising under statute: 6 years
  • Claims in relation to negligence: 6 years
  • Claims in relation to tort: 6 years


These limitation periods are subject to some exceptions and will start to run at the time that the cause of action arises, i.e. from the earliest time that the legal proceedings could first have been brought.

How long does a litigation case take?

Prior to making a civil claim, a claimant should contact the defendant beforehand outlining their claim in the aim to reach an agreement with both parties before going to court.


If you are unable to reach a settlement then the alternative is to issue a claim with the courts.  Once the court has been instructed with the civil claim and litigation has begun, the court will provide a timetable of events that need to be followed.  The timeline to progress the case will depend on the type of civil claim you are making.


However, as the overriding objective is to minimise costs, each party is required to act as quick as they can in order for a trial to take place as soon as possible.


It is important to note that in order to reduce time and costs for all parties involved, a settlement can be reached any time before the trial.

Why choose Waldrons?

Client Base We have a broad range of clients including individuals, residential management companies, owner-managed businesses, and family owned property investment and development companies.
Costs We offer preliminary fixed-fee appointments at the outset of your matter so that you are clear on costs and procedure throughout your matter.
Strategic We provide a strategic approach from the outset of your matter in order to seek a resolution for you in the most cost effective and efficient manner.
Supportive Whether your dispute is simple or complex, from county court to high court, we provide a dedicated legal advisor with the key experience to help you move your matter speedily and effectively from defining the dispute to resolving it.
Flexible We provide appointments in a manner which is convenient to you, whether this is a face to face meeting or a virtual appointment.
Technical In order to provide a strategic advantage to our clients, we have technical knowledge relating to both niche and core litigation areas.
Dispute Resolution

Accreditations and Affiliations

Any solicitor can say they are experienced in what they do. We go the extra mile to demonstrate our expertise. Many of our lawyers have undertaken independent assessments of their knowledge and skills. Our accreditations give you the assurance that you are dealing with a specialist.

Dispute Resolution

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Dispute Resolution

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