We often hear reference to ‘common law marriage’ or ‘common law man and wife’ but this is a myth – the law does not recognise the rights of cohabiting couples when a relationship breaks down, in the same way that married couples.

In order to prevent future disputes it is recommended that the living together arrangements are recorded in a Cohabitation Agreement.

Our expert Family Law solicitors can advise what will be best for you in your circumstances.

Cohabitation Agreements


What are the common issues in Cohabitating?

The main issue with cohabiting couples is that they do not have the same legal rights as married couples.  There are ways in which cohabiting couples can safeguard their interest in the property and our Family Law experts will be able to advise you in accordance with your circumstances.

Surely the family home is half mine in relation to Cohabitation?

If the family home is in one party’s name only, even if the other party has lived there for many years and has contributed to the running of the property they are not automatically entitled to a share of this as would be the case if they were married.

How can the risks be minimised regarding a Cohabitation?

It can be seen from the above that at present, cohabiting couples face a number of risks in the event of a relationship breakdown compared to married couples.


One way for cohabiting couples to ensure that they have peace of mind is to have a Cohabitation Agreement drawn up.  A Cohabitation Agreement can record what the parties agree will happen during the relationship and in the event of their relationship breaking down.

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Cohabitation Agreements

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Cohabitation Agreements

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