Faulty or Unsuitable Work Equipment

Every employer is under an obligation to act reasonably to protect their employees from injury and that includes providing employees with safe and suitable work equipment including personal protective equipment (PPE).

When that doesn’t happen injuries (sometimes serious) can occur.

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury because of faulty/unsuitable/inadequate work equipment you may be able to bring a claim for compensation if it can be established the accident was caused by the negligence of another (usually your employer).

We will advise you on what evidence you will need to prove your employer acted negligently and if we are satisfied you are likely to prove negligence, we will assist you in obtaining evidence is support of the injuries and losses you have suffered so that we can try and settle your claim.

It is important you choose solicitors who are experienced in this area. At Waldrons our solicitors have dealt with a significant number of cases involving accidents at work caused by faulty/unsuitable/inadequate work equipment, recovering millions of pounds on our clients’ behalf.

Faulty or Unsuitable Work Equipment


What counts as faulty/unsuitable equipment?

It may be that the equipment you were provided with didn’t work properly or hadn’t been properly maintained. Perhaps the equipment/machinery should have had a guard which had been altered or removed. Otherwise it may simply be the case that the equipment was unsuitable for the job required or the PPE you were given didn’t offer enough protection. These are just a few examples of where injuries caused by faulty/unsuitable/inadequate work equipment may give rise to a claim in negligence against your employer.

Time limit for claiming faulty/unsuitable work equipment compensation

If you have suffered an accident at work then generally Court Proceedings must be commenced before the third anniversary of the accident otherwise your claim would be Statute Barred and the Defendant is likely to argue your claim should not be allowed to proceed and that you are out of time. In such circumstances the Court would have to exercise its discretion in your favour to allow the claim to proceed which would usually only be given in exceptional circumstances.


There are some exceptions to the 3 year rule, for instance if you are under 18 when the accident occurs (you would have until your 21st birthday to issue Court Proceedings) or if the injuries are so severe (for example a brain injury) that the victim does not have sufficient capacity to deal with the claim.


However, many claims settle before the need to commence Court Proceedings and you should not delay seeking legal advice following an accident at work. The later you leave it to seek advice the more difficult it may be to secure evidence to support your claim

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Faulty or Unsuitable Work Equipment

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Faulty or Unsuitable Work Equipment

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Faulty or Unsuitable Work Equipment

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