As National Conveyancing Week draws to an end ....

Wednesday 20th March 2024

Our Residential Conveyancing team has been busy getting involved with National Conveyancing Week as once again, Waldrons have been keen to support this national initiative for the second year in a row. The aim of the week’s events were to “Inform; Educate; Assist; Motivate; Reassure”

Team members have been following the programme of events with interest and wholly support each other aswell their fellow conveyancers across the profession and are hoping the week’s events will highlight their work, commitment and motivation to encourage people into the profession. It’s widely reported that people are leaving the area of law and recruitment is becoming harder than ever.

The team wanted to meet with their contacts and referrers during the week, so held a coffee morning for local estate agents and mortgage advisors who they talk with daily but rarely get to see. The meet up at our Waterfront offices was well attended and enjoyed by all and our thanks go out to those who came along.

This week covered webinar topics such as Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Property Sector, a talk by senior Land Registry executives, a presentation covering the ‘The Economics of the Property Market and What Happens Next’ aswell as discussions focused on the results of ‘What do Consumers Really Think about Moving Home’. Conveyancers are in effect the conduit to pulling together all of the key elements required for property owners to buy or sell and have to engage throughout any transaction with their client, the estate agent, mortgage advisor and lender for every single case they are working on at any one time as well as the onboarding and post completion work that goes on in the background.  This takes some doing and all too often they don’t receive the recognition they deserve from those in the outside world.

Here at Waldrons, Head of Department, Belinda Hill and her fellow Directors are very conscious of the time sensitive pressures of this type of work and do their utmost to support the team as a whole by monitoring capacity of conveyancers, listening, providing the best administrative support and working environment they can. Flexible home working is part of the benefits package offered and as of this year, no one is expected to work on their birthday and given the day off (this applies to all members of staff so no one is left out!).

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