Waldrons Solicitors recover compensation following burns injury in the workplace

Wednesday 15th May 2024

Adam worked at a local foundry, he was required to operate machinery which involved lighting a burner.  When Adam lit the burner a flame shot out and burned his hand.  Following the incident it was established that the burner was defective and was taken out of use.

Adam instructed Katie Hinton of Waldrons Solicitors to represent him to pursue a personal injury claim on his behalf.

The claim was submitted to his employer’s insurer on the basis that they had failed to provide him with a reasonable and/or safe work equipment.  The Insurer accepted liability for the accident.

Waldrons obtained an expert witness report which confirmed that Adam had sustained a burn injury to his hand.  The burn had healed after 6 weeks, with pain to his hand completely resolved after 2 months.  The incident did cause some anxiety and nightmares, which thankfully resolved soon after the incident.  Adam took 3 weeks off work due to his injuries.

The supportive medical report was disclosed to the Insurer and compensation of £2,000 was agreed, with his lost earnings paid too.

Court proceedings were not required and this matter was settled quickly to Adam’s satisfaction.

If you were injured in a workplace accident then please contact Waldrons without delay and one of our specialist Personal Injury lawyers shall assess your case and offer a ‘No Win, No Fee’ Agreement where appropriate.