Can I claim against the NHS for medical negligence?

Have you or a loved one sustained an injury, financial loss, reduced life expectancy or died as the result of negligence by an NHS organisation or healthcare professional? If so, you could be entitled to compensation.

Whilst the NHS is a treasured UK institution and usually does a fantastic job, things can sometimes go wrong. This can include a delayed diagnosis of cancer, surgical error, birth injuries, incorrect medication or treatment, referral errors or hospital infections.

When the standard of care drops below an acceptable level you should consider making a claim against the NHS for medical negligence. This may feel like a hard step to take but could make a significant difference to others just like you.

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Are NHS claims legal?

Yes. It is legal to claim against the NHS for medical negligence. Any compensation awarded is designed to  compensate you for your pain, suffering and loss of amenity..

The NHS was created back in 1948 to ensure that everyone had access to an acceptable level of healthcare, not only those who could afford it. Since then, it has become a widely respected model worldwide, inspiring other governments to consider a similar universal healthcare model.

By claiming compensation, you’ll highlight any problems, ensure that high standards are maintained and help ensure that it doesn’t happen again. If you’re over 18, you have three years to make a claim against the NHS. This time period may be extended for children and young people, or those with limited mental capacity. Ask us for more information.

Can I continue to receive the same care I am currently receiving?

Yes. You can continue to be treated by the same NHS organisation or institution when claiming compensation for clinical negligence. Your right to access a high standard of healthcare via the NHS should not be affected by your claim.

Will the doctor or health care provider who treated me lose their job?

When you’re placing a claim against the NHS for medical negligence, you are seeking compensation for the damages or hardship that you have suffered. This is separate from any other form of action.

This means the doctor or healthcare provider may not lose their job unless the matter is reported to the General Medical Council (GMC). They can investigate your case and then take the appropriate action based on their findings. If the matter were serious, life was endangered or it happened again, they could be prevented from practicing and lose their job.

We can help you make a complaint or refer your case to the GMC so that an investigation can be conducted. Request a callback and we can answer your questions.

Will my claim make a difference?

Yes. When you file your claim, the NHS is likely to conduct an internal investigation and take steps to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen again. Your complaint will highlight any problem areas and protect other individuals and their families so they don’t have to suffer the same hardships as you.

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