What's it like being an apprentice at Waldrons Solicitors?

Tuesday 6th April 2021

We asked our very own Lily Powell, who has recently finished her apprenticeship at Waldrons and has since taken on a full-time role with us, to find out more.

How have you found working at Waldrons?

I love working at Waldrons, it has allowed me to complete my qualification whilst gaining experience and improving my confidence around others. Waldrons offers a great team environment to work in where no two days are the same. 

What did you do before you started at Waldrons?

Before I worked at Waldrons I was competing a hairdressing apprenticeship but I didn’t enjoy the course and the industry wasn’t for me. I applied for Waldrons as I really wanted to work in a business environment that offered lots of opportunity and hands on experience.   

How did you find working in an office environment? 

Working in an office has allowed me to experience what it is like working with others. It has helped to improve my confidence massively and I really enjoy the team environment. 

What have been the best bits about your apprenticeship? 

The best part about my apprenticeship is the people I work with. Everyone in my department is supportive and always open to help each other. Working in a great environment has allowed me to learn and grow in my role.

What have been the worst bits about your apprenticeship?

The worst part about my apprenticeship was having the pandemic at the same time. It made things more difficult, but we coped well and I’ve been able to finish my training. 

What do you do during an average day in the office?

My average day in the office consists of opening and closing files, scanning and filing documents and preparing/sorting incoming and outgoing post. 

Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship to others, and why?

I would definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship as you gain hands on experience whilst completing a qualification. It also allows you to understand what work life is like.

What are you looking forward to now that you’ve finished your apprenticeship?

Now I have completed my apprenticeship I’m looking forward to having more responsibility in the office and supporting our new apprentice in her role. I am also looking forward to learning new skills and procedures so I’m able to push myself further at Waldrons