What do we do with the apprentices?

Monday 6th April 2020

The Department for Education and the Department for Education & Skills Funding have released some useful information on what to do with apprentices.

You can furlough apprentices and they can continue their training whilst on furlough. However, you have to ensure that whilst they are training they are paid the relevant level of statutory minimum wage. This may mean that you have to top up the government furlough grant for those hours spent attending or carrying out training.

Training providers are being encouraged to deliver training where possible remotely or via e-learning where possible and to allow either extension of or variation to the method of end point assessments.

It may also be possible to register a break in learning where the interruption to learning is greater than 4 weeks as a result of Covid19. This right to register is temporarily being extended to employers and training providers. Funding for the training will then be temporarily suspended. During the break the 20% off the job training does not need to be delivered.  

If an apprentice is made redundant then the Departments are confirming that they are aiming to try and find the apprentice alternative employment to continue their apprenticeship within 12 weeks.

The guidance specifically states it applies immediately but will be subject to revision depending on the development and outcome of the Covid19 situation.