Waldrons Solicitors Proudly Sponsors Hometown Hero in Kumite Croatian World Youth League

Thursday 4th July 2024

Waldrons are thrilled to announce its sponsorship of local young lady Hattie Jenkins, a talented young member of Hickmans Karate Acadamy. Hattie competed in her biggest competition to date last weekend at the 2024 Karate-1 Youth League Championships held in Porec. There were 77 in the category from across the world and it was a significant event, bringing together young athletes to challenge and showcase their abilities in the art of Karate. Hattie has been preparing for months, balancing her academic responsibilities with her intense training schedule.

Hattie started lessons in 2019, a few months before the lockdowns, aged 8. She then trained online via zoom, or in parks until they finally opened up competitions again in 2021 where she competed in 4 sections and gained 4 gold medals. She now has more than 50 medals.

Since then she had fought nationally and internationally including Paris, Liege, Berlin and Luxembourg for her club and for the Midland Regional Team. The National Karate Squad, then called her up just after she turned 12, her being the youngest on the squad at that time and she earned her black belt in November 2023. 

Her last competition was the eseries in Manchester which was a ranking competition for her age category. She won gold making her number 1 in the UK.

Hattie added “I am extremely grateful for the support from Waldrons Solicitors. “This sponsorship means a lot to me and motivated me to give my best performance. I am proud to have represented our community and appreciative for the opportunity of competing against some of the best young Karatekas in the world.”

Please join us in giving a massive round of applause to Hattie for her incredible performance at the 2024 Karate-1 Youth League Championships held in Porec 🌟

Hattie gave an incredible performance and came an amazing 9th out 70+ competitors  in the U14 Kumite Female (-52kg) category, we truly believe this deserves a massive round of applause! 👏 Well done, @Hattie….  ! 👏 We’re inspired by your hard work, dedication, and passion for karate. It’s clearly paying off. 🌠 We’re proud of you and can’t wait to see what you accomplish later on in the year!

Watch this space for further news on Hattie as she will also be travelling to Holland to fight for the Midlands in November and Venice in December for another World Youth League. 

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