Waldrons' Solicitors Promotes "Wear it Green Day" in support of Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19th May)

Friday 17th May 2024

Today we have asked staff to join us in support of Mental Health Awareness Week by helping this wonderful campaign and wearing something green in return for a donation. The support and generosity from our staff was remarkable.

Many people are affected by mental health challenges and with mental health issues on the rise, the ongoing day to day challenges of life are sometimes too much for individuals to face let alone deal with. Here at Waldrons, we understand it is more important than ever to offer empathy understanding and support for those struggling with mental health conditions.

We have our own “In-House Team” of Mental Health First Aiders who are readily available to actively support any of our employees who are struggling with mental health issues so should anyone feel they need to have a chat, take a break or compose themselves in a separate part of the office, we as a firm fully support this. In addition to this, we hold lunchtime yoga sessions to encourage workplace wellness and this has been well received by members of staff. Waldrons remain committed to providing innovative wellness initiatives that empower our team to thrive both personally and professionally.

“Wear It Green Day” has provided an opportunity for us to provide unified awareness and come together to show solidarity for those suffering with mental health challenges and it also encourages open conversations whilst reducing the stigma associated with seeking help. We had a competition for the “Best Dressed” and announced the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners at our photo opportunity in our Head Office Reception at Capstan House (pictured below) and they walked away with a little goody bag.

Esther Withers, Head of HR & Compliance here at Waldrons says “We believe that everyone deserves access to support and resources for their mental well-being, whether it be anywhere in the world, within the workplace, at home or in education, no matter what your situation is we would like to remind everyone that they are not alone in their struggles.”