Waldrons Empowers Workplace Wellness with Successful Lunchtime Yoga Class

Friday 12th April 2024

As part of its ongoing commitment to fostering a healthy and vibrant workplace culture, Waldrons proudly announces the success of its first ever lunchtime yoga class. Held in our Conference Room at our Head Office at Capstan House, the recent session saw an overwhelming participation and enthusiasm from our employees.

Designed to provide a rejuvenating break from the demands of the workday, the yoga classes offered a holistic approach to employee well-being. Led by Sarah of Blossom Wellbeing, we concentrated on shoulders to start off with as we sit at desks all day and Sarah thought we would appreciate it, we did some floor work and some standing (mainly wobbling) poses. Participants were guided through a series of stretches, poses, and breathing exercises aimed at reducing stress, enhancing focus, and promoting physical fitness.

The response from our workforce has been truly inspiring. Employees have embraced the opportunity to prioritize their health and wellness during the lunch hour, reaping the benefits of improved energy levels and enhanced productivity throughout the afternoon.

Esther Withers, HR Manager at Waldrons said “It was really enjoyable and it ended with a lovely relaxation session where we all got to lie down with our eyes closed and Sarah talked us though the relaxation exercise, we were all very relaxed and very grateful for the opportunity at the end of the session and everyone is keen for the next one and I have a waiting list of people who couldn’t attend but wish to attend the next one.”

With a strong emphasis on work-life balance and employee satisfaction, Waldrons’ remains committed to providing innovative wellness initiatives that empower our team to thrive both personally and professionally.