Waldrons delivers a donation to Simply Limitless Wellbeing Charity

Tuesday 21st May 2024

Luke Boxall, Finance Director at Waldrons Solicitors, went along to meet Paul Raper, Chief Executive Officer to hand over yet another generous donation. This time in support of Simply Limitless Wellbeing Charity who create happy and healthy communities.

Simply Limitless provide support to people of all ages in the community with their mental and physical health in a unique socially focused way.

Luke said “It is such a privilege for us to contribute to Simply Limitless having previously been a volunteer with them for many years. We believe in the incredible work they do and we are honoured to play a part in supporting their mission and current fundraising goal to continue providing the services they offer.”

With many small charities endlessly fundraising in order to sustain their levels of service, the investment and contributions from businesses and individuals across the country really does help.  Donations are a lifeline that make a difference to people in need, especially in the current economic climate and where so many are affected by the cost of living crisis. Waldrons therefore pledges to continue to support our local community.


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