Social distancing at work

Friday 24th April 2020

To achieve social distancing at work may involve some creative thinking, but it can be achievable.

There are some key basic principles that you should bear in mind:

● Carry out a documented risk assessment

● Provide appropriate PPE

● Make cleaning and washing facilities available

● Allow for changes in and out of uniform to avoid cross contamination

● Limit the number of people allowed in communal areas

● Increase cleaning of communal areas

● Ensure that work spaces as a minimum are two meters apart but increase the distance if possible

● Limit contact with third parties – can meetings take place by video conference, can orders be placed over the phone or website?

● Ensure cleaning of work stations used by more than one person in between uses – e.g. photocopiers/printers etc

● Where possible ensure good ventilation with open windows

● Try and position staff facing away from each other rather than face to face

Think about staggered break times or staggard working patterns in order to minimise the number of people in the same area at the same time

Consider placing 2 meter markers on the floor so people can properly visualise the distance they should be keeping.

The government released some sector specific guidance which can be found at