Ice cream for pudding

Monday 19th July 2021

Ice Cream for Pudding…

That was one of the perks of working from home today rather than the Waldrons Solicitors office on a very hot sunshiny day.

With “Freedom Day” the mandatory work from home message is lifted but where does that practically leave employers and employees?

Employees do not have an automatic right to demand to continue working from home. However, they can make a formal flexible working request.

Employers will also have to be mindful of health and safety concerns.

A good middle ground for those who can work from home is for employers to have an informal flexible working scheme which they make clear does not result in a permanent change to terms and conditions which can allow for a hybrid working pattern – some at home and some in the office. It allows most people to have their ice cream and eat it.

For more information on how to implement such a scheme email a member of our employment law team – Hannah Scott or Courtney Hawkins