Furlough - Name & Shame?

Wednesday 11th November 2020

In its latest guidance “Check if you can claim for your employee’ wages” the Government have confirmed that from December 2020, HMRC will publish the name and registration number of companies and limited liability partnerships that claim furlough payments from December onwards.

This is an interesting approach but one that may be aimed at the larger companies making claims which would not have good optics – we would all be a bit annoyed if Amazon or Starbucks was claiming.

Smaller businesses who genuinely need the assistance should not however be ashamed. It is something that some businesses may not want broadcast but prospective employees are likely to realise that the step was taken to safeguard jobs and that most businesses have had a difficult 2020. When applying for loans and credit most lenders ask lots and lots and lots of questions about financial stability and credit worthiness and so it would not be unusual for them to ask if you had received any grants or government assistance. Claiming furlough is not unlawful – it is only unlawful when you do it fraudulently.