Considerations writing a dismissal letter

Monday 17th January 2022

Words can matter. When writing a dismissal letter consider how you phrase your decision. Saying you have no option (when you do have options) can indicate that you have not considered the other options which might be available to you. It would be better to say “Having considered all the circumstances I have decided that it is appropriate to [dismiss you, give you a warning etc.]”.

Also remember that you should justify your reasons for your decision. It does not matter if the letter is “war and peace” justifying your decision based on the evidence is important as it demonstrates that you have considered all the facts and may satisfy the employee that they have been listened to and all matters considered (sometimes at least).

Don’t forget to give the employee the right to appeal your decision. This is very important even in circumstances where the outcome seems obvious either because the evidence is overwhelming or the employee has admitted the misconduct.