Compensation recovered following fall at a care home

Thursday 13th October 2022

Compensation recovered following fall at a care home The Medical Negligence team at Waldrons Solicitors have recovered damages for a client whose mother suffered injuries, after sustaining a number of falls whilst a resident in a Care Home.

What happened?

In October 2018, whilst at her own home, the client’s mother sustained a fall.  As a result of the fall she was admitted into New Cross Hospital where she underwent a CT scan which confirmed that she had fractured her jaw.

Whilst in hospital, Consultants re-assessed her and it was decided that step down care was necessary. In November 2018, the client’s mother was transferred to Probert Court Nursing Home, where she was assessed as a high risk of falls. 

On around 27 November 2018, the client’s mother had a fall whilst attempting to mobilise in the bathroom. On or around 28 November 2018, the client’s mother had her second fall. An ambulance was called and she was examined at the Care Home.

Following this incident, a Sensor Mat was put in place, next to her bed to alert the staff to when she was attempting to get out of bed. On 3 December 2018, another fall occurred when the client’s mother was in the lounge.  The final fall occurred on 5 December 2018, when the client’s mother had a fall in her room. 

An ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital for assessment. The client’s mother was diagnosed with a displaced intertrochanteric fracture of her right femur and haematoma. 

The family were advised that palliative care was the most appropriate care for her. The client’s mother was moved to a Care Home for palliation of symptoms on 23 December 2018.  Her health continued to deteriorate and she sadly passed away.

How were Waldrons able to help?

A claim was investigated and expert medical evidence was obtained from a Nursing expert, which was supportive of the case. The expert was of the opinion that the falls suffered by the client’s mother were avoidable.

The expert stated that it was foreseeable that the client’s mother could fall. No interventions were put in place to reduce the risk of her falling and documentation was not updated following each fall. A Letter of Claim was submitted to the Care Home and upon receipt the Claimant and the Defendant entered into settlement negotiations. Settlement was then reached in the sum of £15,000.

What did our client say?

Our client was happy with the result of her claim and wrote that her solicitor, Francesca Hodgetts, was very informative every step of the way and explained the jargon clearly.

What if I need advice about a claim following a fall at a care home?

If you would like advise or assistance, one of our specialist medical negligence lawyers will be happy to help. Please contact us and arrange for a call back from one of the team.