£6,500 raised by Waldrons for Dudley Group of Hospitals Charity

Tuesday 10th December 2019

Every year, Waldrons show their support to the local community by hosting a Charity Will Fortnight in October.  During these two weeks, Waldrons write straightforward Wills for their Clients free of charge who in turn, make a donation to the Dudley Group of Hospitals Charity.

The service to the Clients is no different than they would receive when making Wills at any other time of the year, with no cost for the storage of Wills and free Will reviews.

The success has grown each year and this year’s campaign was no different with the scheme raising over £6,500.  This brings the total of donations raised since the Charity Will Fortnight started of £26,500!

This year has also seen a rise in discussions about Lasting Powers of Attorney, more so than any other year as the Hospital has helped to raise the awareness about them too.  Lasting Powers of Attorney are needed where someone appoints another person they trust to help them to make decisions where they may not be able to make them for themselves.

Dawn Cash, Associate Solicitor of Waldrons said:

“The amount raised this year shows the generosity of the local community for this worthwhile cause.  People recognise the importance of making a Will and combined with the ability to donate to the local Hospital, makes this Campaign one of our most successful!”

Karen Phillips, Fund Raising Manager at Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Charity said:

“Once again we would like to thank Dawn and the team for their outstanding support of our Will Fortnight, which is one of the most popular campaigns in our calendar.  This has been the best year so far and we are so grateful to Waldrons for their ongoing commitment to improving the experience for our patients.  Each year we get such positive feedback from those who have had their will written.”