Most common causes of workplace accidents

One of the most common places that accidents can happen in our everyday lives is at work. Whether you work in an office, retail environment, or workshop, there are always potential hazards, and it is important that both employers and employees do what they can to mitigate risks from these hazards and keep themselves, colleagues, and visitors as safe as possible at all times.

Should an accident happen at work, there is a possibility that you will be able to make a claim. This is to ensure that you are reimbursed for any costs that you have incurred as a result of the accident and to compensate you for your injury.

Workplace accidents are, unfortunately very common, and here at some of the most common causes of them:


From lifting as part of your everyday work to just taking a box of paper off the shelf, injuries from lifting are very common in the workplace. It is important to know how to lift heavy objects as it can cause muscle strains, tears, or sprains in the back, and remember that there is no harm in asking for help if you think that you need it.

Employers can help by ensuring that all of their employees are adequately trained to lift items that are typical in their workplaces, helping to reduce the risk of injuries from lifting.

Trips / Falls Trips

Trips and falls are amongst the most common workplace accidents and occur mainly as a result of items not being cleared away properly and spills. It is essential that all employees are aware of the potential risk of trips and falls and are diligent at all times about potential hazards.

Ensuring that you are wearing the correct footwear can also have a massive impact on keeping you safe, especially in areas that are prone to spills. Although training in dealing with the risks of trips and falls, as well as how to deal with them is important, the key to reducing these risks is to ensure that employees are always on the lookout for potential hazards.


The risk of dehydration is a serious risk for employees, especially during the summer. And dehydration can cause long-term damage to the kidneys and other organs as well as other short-term problems. It is essential that employers help to enable employees to drink enough water during the time that they are at work – with the recommended amount being eight glasses each day – or more in warm weather.

It is recommended that employees provide drink sources such as a water cooler at the minimum for employees to use, and it is important to stay hydrated not only for your health but also to enable you to stay as productive as possible.


Physical and mental tiredness or fatigue can be very dangerous in the workplace. Fatigue can mean lapses in concentration and weakness that can cause accidents. It is important that employees take regular breaks to ensure that they are physically and mentally able to carry out their work – whether it is manual labour or some other kind of work, and employers should encourage employees to take their breaks in full as well as ensure that they are well-rested when they come into work.

Toxic\Hazardous materials

From dangerous chemicals to toxic waste, there are often toxic or hazardous materials in the workplace and it is essential that they are dealt with properly. It is important that employees are given the correct training for dealing with these materials, as well as the relevant PPE (personal protective equipment) and that they know how to use it properly.

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It is an unfortunate reality that accidents happen at work. These can change peoples’ lives. If you have suffered an accident at work that is someone else’s fault, there is a chance that you can make a claim.

This claim is intended to cover the medical and non-medical costs that you have incurred due to the injury as well as any damages due to the way that the injury is affected your life both now and in the future.

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Last reviewed on 11/07/23 by Joseph Norton who is an Associate Director and Head of Compensation