A dog is for life not just for christmas

We have all heard of the Christmas campaign reminding everyone that although a puppy under the Christmas tree is magical (cue the final scene in the movie when they come out of a box with a little Santa hat on) a ‘dog is for life not just for Christmas’.

The message being that a dog or pet of any sort is a long term commitment and not something to be taken on lightly. Most people think that the ‘life’ part refers to the life of the pet but forget that the commitment can extend beyond their lifetime too.

That’s why when I take instructions for a Will I always ask if my clients have any pets. I am not being nosy (although I do like seeing the cute photos) but want to discuss with them what they would like to have happen to their pets in the event of their deaths.

Pets are often described ‘as part of the family’ but whilst every other member of the family has been considered before preparing a Will, pets are often overlooked.

Under the rules of probate pets are seen as any other asset but not many would want to see their ‘family members’ reduced to a simple item to be valued in pounds and pence and sold.

And there is plenty you can do in your Will to make sure they are well cared for when you have gone.

You can gift them to an individual who you know will look after them, you can ask that a charity such as the Dogs Trust or RSPCA rehome them and if you have more than one pet you can make sure that they remain together. All of these options can be accompanied by a cash gift to help with any maintenance costs if you think it would be appropriate.

So if you want to make sure that your pet remains well-loved after you’re gone make a Will that specifically sets out what should happen to them and ensure the rest of their life is a happy one.

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