Waldrons medical negligence solicitors recover £140,000 for Wolverhampton man left with life-changing disability

Monday 24th June 2019

A Wolverhampton man left with permanent life-changing injuries resulting from negligent treatment by New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton and Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley has received £140,000 in compensation following a successful intervention by specialist Medical Negligence Solicitors at Waldrons.

The man, Mr L, was left with a permanent ‘foot drop’ after medics failed to fully explain the risks of having an aorto-bi-illiac bypass or the less risky alternatives. It was also alleged that the hospitals did not sufficiently monitor him after his operation.

Foot drop occurs as a result of weakness or paralysis of the muscles that lift up the front part of the foot.  This can make it very difficult to walk correctly; it can cause imbalance as well as pain and pins and needles.

By way of background, Mr L developed pain in his buttock and groin in early 2012 and underwent investigations at New Cross Hospital.  He was later diagnosed with a blocked artery in his right leg and he was advised by his treating Vascular Surgeon that we would have to undergo surgery.

The operation, an aorto-bi-illiac bypass, was carried out at Russells Hall Hospital in June 2013.  Following the operation, he developed symptoms of pain and pins and needles in his left leg.  Although this was monitored, nothing was done until the following afternoon, when he underwent further surgery by way of an exploration of his iliac vessels and an aortic bifurcation graft was undertaken.

Unfortunately, this was carried out too late to resolve Mr L’s symptoms and he went on to develop a permanent foot drop on the left side, causing problems with mobility, pain and numbness. 

Waldrons investigated the claim and obtained independent expert evidence both from a Vascular Surgeon and a Vascular Radiologist. 

 Allegations put to the hospitals by Waldrons on Mr L’s behalf included:

● A failure to appropriately obtain informed consent to undergo surgery.  In particular, Mr L should have been advised about the alternative of angioplasty and stenting, a far safer and less invasive intervention that could have resolved the blockage, with fewer risks and less scarring.

● Failure to properly monitor him in the post-operative period and carry out remedial surgery urgently that night, before nerve damage became permanent.

It was alleged that if either an angioplasty had been performed or if remedial surgery had taken place earlier, then the foot drop would have been reversed, and Mr L would have had an entirely normal functioning foot with no ongoing problems.

Both Trusts initially denied liability, but after Court proceedings were started, both Trusts made some limited admissions, following which negotiations were entered into for settlement of the claim.  After serving a detailed Schedule of Loss, the Trusts agreed to a settlement of £140,000.

Adam Smith, solicitor at Waldrons, led Mr L’s claim against the hospitals.  Mr. L said of Waldrons, The staff at Waldrons have dealt with my case in a friendly and professional manner throughout.  I would highly recommend them and will not hesitate to use them again in the future.”

Adam, who holds the Law Society’s prestigious Clinical Negligence Accreditation, said “The failures in this case were clear to me from the beginning but the hospitals involved denied any wrongdoing. After exploring the evidence with independent medical experts and beginning legal action, the negotiations that subsequently followed led to the hospitals admitting some of their errors and Mr L now has the compensation he needs. If anyone has concerns about any medical treatment they have received I would invite them, as Mr L did, to contact one of the Medical Negligence Solicitors at Waldrons where we will provide an initial assessment of the claim free of charge.”

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