Relationship breakdowns - how to deal with them

Wednesday 10th February 2021

Relationships unfortunately do breakdown for various reasons, and whilst in the main couples are able to deal with this and move on, many also find the process extremely hurtful and emotional creating a toxic relationship with battles over possessions resulting in long drawn out Court proceedings.  This is seen regularly in the media with celebrity separations and social media postings on each side, which may seem grand and interesting to readers, but is a sad and stressful time for parties and their loved ones to go through.

The key to dealing with separation and disputes lies with communication at an early stage.  This can be hard to do directly with each other as emotions run high, so it is important to seek assistance and advice as to the best way forwards and how to try and minimise conflict and work together to reach a settlement that is fair and reasonable to enable you to both move on.

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