Putting the children first

Wednesday 7th April 2021

The clocks have gone forward, the children have returned to school and the Covid19 restrictions are changing, moving towards more opportunities to socialize.

Lock down has affected most of us and impacted on normal life and routines.   Where parents are separated, this may have affected set routines for the children and disrupted previous arrangements.

It is important for children to have routine and as the lock down restrictions start to lift, separated parents should try and work together to reach agreement for the arrangements for their children – communication is a key factor in achieving this.   Showing a united approach will lessen anxieties or concerns children may feel with changes and will give them  re-assurance.

It is not always possible to agree contact arrangements, which can end in children being prevented from spending time with each parent.  It is important to remain child focused when trying to agree arrangements and remember, a child has the right to spend time with each parent.

If contact arrangements cannot be agreed an application under the Children Act 1989 can be made, but it is advisable to try and reach some agreement at an early stage. 

At Waldrons we can advise you and negotiate in trying to reach agreement, as well as represent you through the Court process if that becomes necessary.

Contact Melanie Young on 01384 811811 who can advise on the most appropriate way forward.