Protecting against fraud

Tuesday 4th February 2020

There are two simple steps your sales and accounts departments should be implementing to protect against Fraud. 

● Write the full date – This year gives fraudsters an added advantage so it’s really important to ensure that you always write “2020” and not just “20”

● Don’t email your bank details – it’s nice and convenient to email bank details or to include your bank details on your invoices but emails are not a secure method of communication. Fraudsters are intercepting emails changing the bank details (even on the attached invoices) and then sending the emails on to the original recipient who is none the wiser. Whilst it may seem like a pain and slowing down the payment process, an extra day can be worth the difference between receiving the £10,000 or not. There are lots of other solutions including secure email, sending bank details by post at the beginning of a matter, including them on the carbon copy of the credit application or handing them to a customer when the sales person goes to meet them, including them on the delivery note carbon copy that is handed over with the goods.