Patrick Sheedy, Head of our Care Team, gives some guidance for dealing with shared child care arrangements

Thursday 26th March 2020

If you are worried about what to do with arrangements of your children in these difficult times: 

1. If you or anyone is displaying symptoms, self-isolate as guided.  All should follow the ‘Stay at Home’ guidance issued by the government. 

2. If the other parent is displaying symptoms or member of their household are, communicate your concerns. They should be self-isolating. Again, all should follow the ‘Stay at Home’ guidance. 

3. If your child is poorly or displaying signs of coronavirus, you should not be sending them. 

4. Try and come up with some alternatives – phone contact , video calls, social media. Where there is a Child Arrangements Order in place, parents are free to make amendments to this by way of agreement.  It would sensible to record any agreement in writing if possible. 

5. If you have to travel on public transport for contact, try and suggest alternates

6. If the other parent is suggesting not sending your child, speak to them and offer reassurances about what you will do to keep them safe. 

7. As ever, the key is good communication with the other parent.  Talk to them about your concerns and be sensible with one another.  Keep in regular contact with each other and try to keep updated as to the guidance received from the government.   

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