One-Stop shops for diagnosing cancer

Monday 21st May 2018

“One-stop shops” aimed at speeding up cancer diagnosis are being introduced across England. NHS England says this is a “step change” in the way people with suspected cancer are diagnosed and treated.

Cally Palmer, national director for cancer at NHS England, says the new centres could play a key role in improving diagnosis and treatment. “Early diagnosis is crucial to saving lives and providing peace of mind for patients, which is why we are driving forward plans to revolutionise our approach to cancer in this country,” she said.

Presently, those with symptoms which are regarded as red flags can expect to be seen within two weeks at a hospital for the start of investigations, but those with more vague or unusual symptoms may not be referred in a timely fashion.

The new centres will be spread across England, with the first 10 being located at:

● Royal Free Hospital, London

● North Middlesex Hospital, London

● University College Hospitals London

● Southend University Hospital

● Queens Hospital, Romford

● St James University Hospital, Leeds

● Airedale General Hospital, West Yorkshire

● University Hospital, South Manchester

● Royal Oldham Hospital, Greater Manchester

● Churchill Hospital, Oxford

The aim is that every patient is either diagnosed or given the all-clear within 28 days.

Unfortunately, as medical negligence specialists, we routinely see delays in referral or administrative errors leading to long waits for either diagnosis or treatment of cancer, which can cause substantial harm and distress. Early diagnosis and treatment can be crucial to boost survival and to allow treatments to have greater efficacy.

If you consider that your cancer treatment diagnosis or treatment has been delayed, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your case with you.

Adam Smith
Clinical Negligence Solicitor