Need to have a driving disqualification removed?

Monday 25th November 2019

Waldrons can assist you in applying for your driving disqualification to be removed. You are entitled to apply to the Magistrates Court that imposed the initial disqualification to remove that disqualification;

● After 2 years if the disqualification is for less than 4 years

● After half the period of disqualification is for less than 10 years but more than 4 years

● After 5 years in any other case

The Court will have regard to:

● The character of the person disqualified and their conduct subsequent to the disqualification

● The nature of the offence

● Any other circumstances

The Court, after taking these circumstances into account, can remove the disqualification with immediate effect or from a date to be specified, or they can refuse the application altogether.
No further application can then be made for 3 months.

For further information please contact Stephen Hamblett or Gerry Vahey on 01384 811 811 or by email to or