Maariyah Yaqub kicks off our Volunteering Incentive Scheme to an inspiring start in Jordan

Thursday 21st March 2024

Maariyah Yaqub, Solicitor in our Litigation Department tells us about her recent and very rewarding volunteering trip to Jordan.

“I was provided the rewarding opportunity by Zaimah Charity and Waldrons Solicitors to visit refugee camps, orphanages and widow communities in Jordan to hand deliver aid and supplies.

Jordan houses a huge number of refugees from Palestine dating back to 1948 and from the Syrian War. There are a generations of of families and young orphan children’s living together in difficult conditions without adequate food, housing and education.

The opportunity I was provided gave me an eye-opening insight into the most heartbreaking situations the refugees are subjected to. Surrounded by barbed wire and military presence in one of the camps I had the opportunity to visit, was home to 40,000 Syrian refugees living in the most gruelling conditions. We were able to provide aid by hand directly to the recipients with items including food packs, sweet packs and blankets. Despite the heart breaking conditions the children are living through,  they surrounded us with love and respect and a heart-warming welcome.

It was a wonderful and eye opening experience that I was fortunate to attend with the opportunity provided to me by both Waldrons and Zaimah Charity.”

Written by Maariyah Yacub