Dudley Group NHS Charity

Monday 12th October 2020

Every year, Waldrons show their support to the local community by hosting a Charity Will Fortnight in October.  During these two weeks, Waldrons write straightforward Wills for their Clients free of charge who in turn, make a donation to the Dudley Group NHS Charity.  This year will be no different regardless of the difficult circumstances we all find ourselves in. 

It would have been easy for us to say that because of the year that we have all had this year, we would not be able to do the traditional Charity Will Fortnight.  However, as a thank you to the NHS for all their hard work this year, Waldrons felt it was more important than ever to make sure that the Charity Will Fortnight went ahead.

While we may not be able to offer personal appointments at all of our offices, we can hold telephone appointments and appointments by Skype and Microsoft Teams.  The service to the Clients is no different than they would receive when making Wills at any other time of the year, with no cost for the storage of Wills and free Will reviews.

The success of last year’s campaign was the best yet with the scheme raising almost £6,900 making the total to the Hospital since the Campaign started of almost £33,400 which is incredible.

The suggested minimum donation for a single straightforward Will is £80.00 and £150.00 for a couple.  No cheque or cash payments will be taken for the donations this year and they will have to be made by card over the telephone.

Last year we raised more awareness of Lasting Powers of Attorney as well.  These are needed where someone appoints another person they trust to help them to make decisions where they may not be able to make them for themselves.

Dawn Cash of Waldrons says:

“Every year the people taking part in the Charity Will Fortnight show their generosity towards their local Hospital and we want to thank the NHS by continuing to take part in our regular Charity Will Fortnight.  Wills continue to be one of the most important documents you will ever sign.  The truth is that, if you don’t have a will, the law decides what happens to your property and possessions when you are no longer here and sometimes this can mean that loved ones are left with nothing. While no-one can control when the inevitable may happen, everyone can maintain control of what happens when it does by making a will.”

Karen Phillips, Fundraising Manager for the Charity says:

“We have run Will Fortnight for several years and we think this is a great way to raise awareness of an important issue while, at the same time, raising money to support patients of our local hospitals.  Our wonder partners at Waldrons Solicitors are here to help you.  They are now keen to help more than ever before following the difficulties of the pandemic.”

The Charity Will Fortnight takes place between 12th – 23rd October.  To call for an appointment, ring 01384 811811 or click here