Day 7 - Helping to put the pieces together - Dying Matters Awareness Week

Sunday 12th May 2024

As we reach the end of this national campaign, we would like to thank the Palliative Care Team at Dudley Group of Hospitals for inviting us to support the event with them at Russells Hall Hospital and also Hospice UK for creating awareness, providing us with top tips, advice and guidance and for making all of the resources available for us to use at our ‘in house’ event on Wednesday.

Colleagues from Waldrons gathered in the conference room at our Capstan House office for tea/coffee and biscuits and also participated in using the Conversation Cards which can be found by following this link Talking Matters quiz.


#@DyingMatters #TheWayWeTalkAboutDyingMatters #DMAW24

@Dudley Group NHS Charity