Family Law Services - Further Information


For many people, the financial cost of a divorce is a real concern. However, we recognise that the actual mechanics of a divorce are fairly straightforward, and many people want to conduct their own proceedings to save cost. If you are one of these people then our online service will allow you to conduct your own proceedings, at your own pace and at less cost than using our bespoke face to face service.

Our online service allows you to take charge of your own divorce, with the added benefit of having all your documents prepared by us before you send them to court. You may be “flying solo” but you know we are in the background supporting you.

This service will be most suited to couples who agree there should be a divorce, and where the proceedings are unlikely to be contested. The service provides all the documents you will need to issue your divorce petition and ultimately obtain your Decree Absolute which dissolves the marriage.


When spouses agree about the arrangements for any children of the family or marriage then this agreement must be set out in a document called a Statement of Arrangements. If you think there might be problems with arrangements for any children then you may need specific advice from us, tailored to your specific circumstances. 


It is important to remember that a Decree Absolute only dissolves a marriage and does not end the financial claims that spouses have against each other. These financial claims should be considered alongside the divorce process itself. You should not obtain your Decree Absolute unless you and your spouse have agreed how to deal with financial matters as this may jeopardise your financial position. If you have reached an agreement then that agreement should be recorded in a document called a Consent Order, and that Order must be approved and sealed by the court for it to be binding upon you and your spouse. If such an Order is not obtained, your former spouse could be entitled to a financial settlement from you, at any time after the divorce is concluded. Each case is different and specific advice would need to be given. Contact us and we will advise you further as to what is required, and the likely cost.


When you are separating or divorcing it is vital that you make a Will, or review your existing Will to make sure it still reflects your wishes. You can use our online Wills service, or you can request specific advice about your situation.