Troubling Times with A&E Delays at Worcester Hospital

10 April 2018

Recent news reports regrettably show continuing delays in A&E treatment provided to patients in Worcestershire.

Ambulances were reported to have been queueing for some three hours before being able to hand over patients at the Accident and Emergency department at Worcester Royal Hospital. The situation became so bad that the West Midlands Ambulance service deployed its 'Hazardous Area Response Team' to assist. Deploying a team with such a name might have led to increased anxiety among staff, however fortunately the team's efforts were said to be limited to surveying the situation after the tailback of ten ambulances was cleared an hour after the team were alerted.

Although the tailback was said to be caused by a 'period of extremely high demand', on both the Friday and Saturday following the incident the Trust barely managed to get halfway to the national target of A&E patients being seen within 4 hours. The author has checked the Trust's website and there are waiting times in excess of four hours at the time of writing this blog.

On the back of an inspection by the CQC in January 2018 concluding that several of the Trust's departments required improvement, it is clear that the Trust's efforts to improve the situation have not yet fully borne fruit. It is hoped that their efforts do lead to sustainable change in the near future.

Joseph Norton, Head of Compensation



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